Easter memo-04-03-2010

Easter memo! My friend Janet is down here this week, staying at the Tween Waters Inn on Captiva Island. This was on the wall in her cottage.

I was not able to connect the dots on this one until we had progressed from the beach to the pool bar. Janet actually brought up The Secret. I was surprised that she’d read the book and that she was so enthusiastic about it. I told her about the two shooting stars and about my conflictedness with the wish on the second one. She pointed out some things I’d said that indicated I didn’t REALLY want the second wish.

That’s not really accurate, although I certainly recognize how it might seem so from out side of my head. From inside, I want all the good stuff, but I don’t want the fucking DRAMA that goes with it all. Janet describes a meltdown with her hustband over a SOFA for crying out loud. Ordinary stuff suddenly becomes emblematic of chasms in the relationship and the next thing you know, you’re embroiled in DRAMA. I say, NO.

(And yeah, I know the Universe supposedly does not understand negatives. Sit on it, Universe – learn to speaka da language! If You are truly Me, then you understand. I’m not editing myself for you.)

So it seems like I’m rejecting coupledom in its entirety. In reality, I just don’t want to be mistreated or subjected to unnecessary bullshit. I want my fermata, my final resting space. I want to go "Ahhhhh!" and be contented.

Haven’t I had enough? I think so.