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The variety of accounts that follow me on Twitter always amazes me. Sometimes it is a real head-scratcher – how did they find me, why did they follow me?

I have some rules for Twitter. Some are for my own comfort and some are just practical. The bottom line is – are they trying to sell me something? Block! Do we have something in common? Maybe let them follow me. Do they want to have a conversation? Follow back.

The thing is, I won’t follow back if I don’t think *I* will get something out of following them – I have enough of a stream as it is! And if I won’t follow back, is there really a purpose to allowing them to follow me, without reciprocating?

Here is a trio of follows that came in yesterday. These give me reason to believe that my Gmail account address has not only been sold/passed around, but it’s been passed around by Google themselves!

Either that, or there is some fantabulous synchronicity going on here….

LORENZO is into biofuel – has a web site in German and English, with a country code of “44” (UK) on his phone number. Since I have not tweeted about an interest in biofuels, I can only surmise that Google has shared with some list somewhere that I have a Google News alert set up for two biofuel companies. One will soon be setting up shop in Lee County, Florida, and the other in Charlotte. I have an interest in these companies because a) they do something useful to the state of the world, to help the human condition, and b) because unemployment may be coming soon to a theater near me and I want to be prepared with the knowledge of what sort of businesses are around here.

STACEY is allegedly a social media guru. I say “allegedly” because Twitter has been known to spawn accounts of “serious” business women who have impossibly exotic names and provocative avatars to match… and then you go to their site and find they are in some way connected to the porn industry. So I don’t even bother going to the site any more – if you have an impossibly exotic name and provocative avatar to match, I’m going to block you no matter what you say you’re selling. However, I have to point out that I’ve been thinking of doing a “how do I” blog regarding online privacy, since I get asked so many questions anyway. Social media very often seeks to exploit a user’s personal information without sharing the profits of same with said user. This type of blatant lie is one thing that might fool people into clicking. It might even be a phish. Hmmmm…..

THE SINGER LINK is the most perplexing of all. I have NEVER tweeted about having once been a semi-profesional singer, nor do I believe I’ve ever used the Gmail address in connection with singing. So why did this guy choose to follow me? Tis a mystery! Well maybe not; I did pick up the Happenings magazine last week and start thinking that I might like to do a show…. and I’ve had the cassette tape project on my mind, too. I have all these tapes of voice lessons and performances and I have a machine that will put them on CD for me. I just need to get over the learning curve hurdle for the machine and do it.

LONG memo! I just thought it was interesting that these are the most recent to follow me, all provoking me to think about options of What To Do With Myself… thank you, Twitter! 🙂