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I was on the treadmill when this sunshine motif came on the TV so I grabbed the phone quickly and snapped. Now I have to google to see what the heck is up with this. Hold that thought…

OK, I’m back. It’s the logo for the Smithsonian Institution. They are going to be selling replicas of their jewelry collection via QVC. All the different branches of the Smithsonian had different logos, which caused brand confusion, so now they are all united under the stylized sunburst. This is the firm that designed it –

If you go through their portfolio, you will realize that they also designed the logo for my current-soon-to-be-former employer.

The site does not give reasons or rationales or zeitgeist behind why each symbol was selected, so I cannot tell you why the Smithsonian got a yellow sunburst on a blue field (my two favorite colors). But I know the story behind my employer’s logo. See, when New Amsterdam was first settled, it actually wasn’t the business it is today, yet. It started as a water company. The pipes were made of wood – hollowed out trees. So the logo for my employer is actually a stylized representation of a slice of an ancient wooden water pipe. There was a display of such artifacts in the Brooklyn offices, long ago when I had a desk there.

Not sure where this one is supposed to go….. I might have to fit it with other Memos later on to see if it makes sense.