MEMO-04-09-2010-3, originally uploaded by Memos From The Universe.

Again, while I was on the treadmill yesterday, I spied a sunshine symbol on the TV. Wheel of Fortune sent someone to this resort. And again, not sure what the message is here. 2nd logo in a row – first one was about branding, bringing together disparate parts and uniting them under a single symbol. This one is about spinning the wheel and winning.

Oh, the resort is in Puerto Rico. I went to Puerto Rico once. It was the starting and ending point of the cruise I went on with my ex-husband. My father was stationed in Puerto Rico when he was in the Navy. The Sharks in West Side Story were from Puerto Rico but it was a Jet who sang “Something’s Coming”. Hmmm, that doesn’t really seem to be significant.

Perhaps I am scattered and that is the point. Perhaps if I unite and focus my disparate interests under a single, common banner, I will win.