Memo-04-15-2010, originally uploaded by Memos From The Universe.

I had a memo on the 13th but I’m saving that story…

Here’s RottenMom again. I love the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. I love how it looks like the sails of a very, very, very tall ship from far away. I love the yellow cables holding the thing up, how they make these awesome diagonal trapezoid shapes across the blue, blue sky.

The first time I went over the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, I was prepared to react the way RottenMom does. Well, not precisely, since I am alone in the car when I cross it and therefore cowering on the floor with a towel over my head is not exactly an option. But I was prepared to be terrified, because my friend Chris said I would be.

So as I approached the bridge, I bluetoothed up and called her. If I’m-a-gonna die on this here bridge, I want company, dammit.

Well, I was so struck by the beauty all around me – the ride across Tampa Bay is just GORGEOUS – I was all "oh, WOW!" and neglected to be terrified. I think Chris was a little dissappointed that I wasn’t going to be her partner in paralysis, her twin in terror, her bridge buddy.

It’s a bridge; a way to get where you’re going. It’s part of the road. Just like the chicken, you MUST cross it, if you want to get to the other side. OK, so it’s a little freaky, but it’s also beautiful.

You take the good, you take the bad…