Memo-04-16-2010 Bowdoin Seal

The light of learning has been shining on me lately. I found the seal of Bowdoin college on

The college offers a Facebook sociology course. Reading this immediately inspired me to remember that my college (Dowling, on Long Island) also offered a sociology course steeped in pop culture. It was called “The Disney Empire: Culture and Power”. I had to wait YEARS to be in the right semester in college (I was getting through it one excruciating course at a time, concurrent with my rise at the Firm) in order to take this course.

My project partner was Vicki, whom I met on the train during the long years of commuting from Long Island to NYC to work. We did our project on Disney’s concepts of work and play as represented in films. Tough life watching cartoons as homework!

Funny this came up, because I made a passing reference to this in a new post I’ve been crafting for