Memo-04-16-2010 Friday I’m In Love

Decided to post a wake-up video to Facebook this morning, and selected my favorite Friday song, by The Cure. Well, I could not find the original song on so I resorted to YouTube.

Never paid attention to what was going on in the background before. There’s this poor guy working on the backdrop, the scenery and he brings in stuff that’s all wrong. They keep changing the scene on him – he sees the backdrop, goes to get the appropriate article and by time he comes back, they’ve changed it again and it’s no longer appropriate.

He seems to be out of sync with his environment. He won’t be able to get this right unless he can get a little predictive about what comes next.

Not finding fault with him for this – it’s a challenge for everyone, trying to be prepared for what comes next. Maybe you’re so busy being tactical, you forget to be strategic, or vice versa.

Maybe we should just sit back and let the river of tomorrow wash over us and not worry about it so much. But what if the river turns out to be Kali River Rapids? Kali is the goddess of destruction…. What if the river turns out to be this huge, unstoppable tsunami of unemployment, bankruptcy, foreclosure and homeless poverty? Well, then it would be nice to have some “what if” plans and resources on standby.

We can’t know, we can’t predict but we can be prepared and we can be flexible.