Unknown Memo, rediscovered 04-17-2010

I was on a recycling mission and attached a pile of magazines that I’ve been devouring during "lanalog time" – that’s when I go to the lanai and read analog stuff. I had marked a bunch of pages and instead of ripping them out and piling them up "for later", I was actioning them.

First you have to figure out why you marked the page. Sometimes, it’s not so obvious. If i don’t get it in 5 seconds, out it goes. So I do that and then action the rest. Copy a recipe to a card for my book. Instapaper a green investment website. Use the underlined phrase in a magazine article as a blog post idea. Etc.

So I came across this car ad, which I’d probably ripped out as a Memo owing to the presence of the "magic word". Now I’m intrigued – "Recycles Sunshine. harmony between man, nature and machine."

I’m going to have to think about what the hell is meant by recycled sunshine. Sunshine is energy. You use it up and it gets transformed into something else. You cannot take sunshine and crunch it up and melt it down and turn it into more sunshine.

This does not make sense. I have to cogitate upon it for a while… I guess blogging it constitutes "actioning" it, but I’m going to keep the paper around for a while until I can figure out what the message about recycling is.