Thankful, happy and lucky Memo-05-29-2010

Just friended a former manager tonight – we don’t work for the same firm any more, so I consider it ok. He’s thankful, happy and lucky. Lots of things I have read seem to indicate that’s a decision – you can decide, you can choose to be thankful, happy and lucky.

Sometimes I think this is a crock. Sometimes I think it’s not fair to make people who are caught in circumstances that are thankless, miserable and hapless feel guilty for yet another perceived failure – that being the failure to decide, to choose, to just say “It is so!” and that makes it so. Reality doesn’t work that way and we all know it.

These same people would argue with me that reality is the illusion – o rly? Try telling that to debt collectors, to the mortgage company when you cannot pay them, to the sherrif when he’s removing your shit from your house. “Really officer, this eviction notice is only an illusion. POOF, the eviction notice is gone, cause I decided it is so. See?”

Yarite. I think your ass would be in the psyche ward for an evaluation if you did that. IT JUST DOESN’T WORK THIS WAY!