A reward for respecting my space Memo-07-03-2010

Two years ago, my brother Phil gave me this Starbucks card for my birthday. When I came home, it was to a hurricane, a couple of days before I was scheduled to do so. I spent the afternoon of my arrival putting up storm shutters, fighting the wind and the rain. I didn’t unpack until days later. I put some books I’d received on the shelf and put the cash my mom gave me into the safe.

Don’t know exactly when I remembered the Starbucks card but when I realized I didn’t have it, I assumed I’d left it in my haste somewhere in my apartment at Chez Bro. Back I went for Christmas – no Starbucks card. A mystery, indeed!

So now I am cleaning and purging and reconfiguring stuff. Tonight, I am clearing shelves of accumulated crap so I can reconfigure my desk area in the great room. Lo and behold, here are the two books I got for my birthday that year. Lo and behold, the Starbucks card is stuck in one of the books! AND it is in a sleeve that advises me to "Drink in the sunshine". My keyword – and Starbucks, one of my fave things on the planet. What a combination!

AND – it has fifty bucks on it! Insert happy dance here 🙂

I dunno what this signifies, if anything – but I can tell you that every time I respect my space, whatever space it might be, good little discoveries like this happen.

So… Which space should I respect next? :o)

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