…and the motion of waves in a song!

I have an official hard-stop date for this career now; definitely the end of an era. But I still don’t know what that “something” that’s “coming” is. A new career? My prince? Who knows!

I was flipping through O Magazine and came upon a short piece about the upcoming screen version of “Eat, Pray, Love”. It says, “Write down what you want” and I immediately thought, “I want to write for a living – a GOOD living”. LOL at myself for qualifying it. Material Girl!

Anyway, I flipped the page and there it was – my prompt in combination with two of my favorite things. I love the beach and I love to sing. I also love to write. AND Walt Whitman was born on the Loverly Isle of Long, which is where I’m from. Talk about a harmonic convergence 🙂

I used to write poetry and some of it was about the beach where I grew up. A writing teacher in college said that I had a lyrical ear for writing poetry. I think he meant that my poems sounded like song lyrics. I should dig that stuff out and see if there are any clues.