An annoying non-memo… Or is it?

Clarifying – it’s definitely annoying but maybe it’s not a non-memo. Non-memos in general are annoying. It takes some practice and blundering to understand how to identify a non-memo without wasting too much conciousness trying to unravel that which is not raveled to begin with. If one does not quickly come to the non-memo conclusion, one then runs the risk of suffering the guilt and frustration of mistakenly believing in one’s own clulessness. This becomes an obstacle to identifying and interpreting subsequent memos.

The other reason this one in particular is annoying is that I am generally opposed to all this "babyfication" of well-established, traditional characters. It’s more than merely presenting them as babies – although that’s bad enough. It’s the machinating of a backstory that pisses me off. The past is done. Why go back? It adds nothing to the value of the character to fabricate a past for them. If you need new material, why not choose to go forward?

Oh. See? I think it might have been a memo after all. 😉

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