Part 2, as promised

This morning, I was in a humor writing workshop led by Steve Almond at the Sanibel Writers Conference. One of the brief stories read and discussed in the session prompted discussion of how boys can tend to grow up to marry their mothers and girls can grow up to marry their fathers.

I jotted a note to myself – "Girls grow up to marry their fathers. I self-corrected and now I’m married to someone who is not there. Literally."

I recall an initial session with Debbie, my long-ago pshrink, whereby she asked about my relationship with my father and I blurted out, "Non-existent". On the other hand, my long-ago now ex-husband was TOO there – I seemto recall having used the phrase, "always up my ass".

I simply don’t do relationships any more, so there’s no chance of marrying anyone ever again, father-like or not. It would seem that in eschewing that which has perpetually disappointed me, I have rendered myself perpetually fatherless.

My father’s birthday was November 13th.

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