Substance WITH style

First off, we’re going to try emailing from Thunderbird for this one,
since I captured it on the desktop and not mobile. If it ends up
sucking, sorry.

I think this was from Mashable, which I read via posts on Facebook.
It’s a commercial featuring young hipsters that no one ever heard of
but hey, if Zuckerberg can become a household name, then why not?
Anyway, they are all appearing in this commercial for The Gap and a
list of charities. Lo and behold, there’s a Memo in the list.

I looked them up and they are based in NYC so there’s little chance that
this was meant as a job lead. I think more than likely this is a
candidate for my monthly tweet-based donations on – so I
went there to add them but Sunshine Project was already listed. I’m all
set up to tweet a donation for max $25 as per my budget.

I think next month I will select Childrens Defense Fund, in honor of Lisa.

Hitting "send" – don’t hate me if it looks like dreck!