Transient & Temporary

I have been going to the dentist A LOT lately. I have these horrible
"chemo teeth" and my insurance is cheap right now, PLUS I have nothing
better to do 😉 LOL. So my dentist’s office plays segments from CBS
network television. One segment I saw was from their Sunday Morning
show. The logo in the background of the pronounceticator was my prompt,
so I decided to investigate.

Aside from being a decent pun (SUNday Morning, get it?), I’ve found that
these sun face icons used by CBS are "as transient and temporary as real
sunrises and sunsets, meant to be appreciated in the moment".

I think you can "live in the moment" while still keeping your eye on the
future. It’s tricky to get the balance right. There are those old
tales of people who scrimped and saved and sacrificed for some future
rainy day, only to kick the bucket before having the opportunity to
enjoy their net worth. I don’t want to be that person, but I also don’t
want to be a screw up and squander it all now with no thought to

There has to be some way to live in the middle and to be comfortable
with that. Me, I’m always worried that I’m carrying on to one extreme
or the other, so even if I *AM* balanced, I don’t ever feel as though I am.