Well looky what we have here

I have had this book, Paulo Coelho’s "The Alchemist", for about a year. It was forgotten inside of and subsequently rescued from an old carry-on that I purged to Goodwill early this past summer. It has been sitting on a shelf in my office ever since, but since I don’t use that room much since the September layoffs got me, the poor book was destined to be forgotten yet again.

Sometime during all that, @MemosFromTheUni started following the author on Twitter, but @Memos… rarely signs on so more forgetting ensued. The other day I started following him on Facebook, where I will be sure to see his blog posts periodically. This reminded me to fetch the book and place it in my new carry-on.

Just a few pages in, and there’s my prompt. It is scattered throughout the book as a section separator, and it also adorns the first page of each chapter.

Think I might be reading the right book? 😉

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