Quest for modem leads to memo

So, my modem died yesterday and this morning I took it back to Comcast for a proper burial, and to obtain a replacement. I was reminded that I had been actually renting the modem and decided to buy one instead. It will pay for itself within a year. The Comcast dude recommended one and said to get it at CompUSA.

Off I went to CompUSA, conveniently located next door to Barnes and Noble, seller of the Nook Color, for which I have a $10 off coupon that expires at the end of the month. I found the modem I wanted but CompUSA’s credit card system was down. I counted the cash in my wallet – $10 short of the purchase price. Got a ticket to pick it up later but the amount of the shortage again reminded me of the $10 off coupon for the Nook – coincidence, much? LOL!

Next door at Barnes and Noble, I realized that I didn’t have my coupon with me. It’s on my desk. And really, I wasn’t going to buy the Nook unless I knew I’d gotten the consulting gig that has been pursuing me lately. So I decided to browse. I headed for the literary journals but there was a woman blocking my entrance to the aisle. So I made to circle around by going down an adjacent aisle and came upon this Memo. Inexplicably, it was in the Food & Wine section. Not sure where the logic is, but whatever!

So what have we got here? A seemingly straightforward restoration of communication and information technology turns out to be not-so-straightforward. It’s complicated by a temporary technology fail, which causes commerce fail. Fail becomes opportunity when I decide to fill the delay with a good browse; blockage and impediment prove themselves to be directional detours in disguise and I get a reminder of what this time "on hold" is really for.

Price of the magazine? After my B&N member discount, it was $9.06, which means I am $0.94 ahead of the game ;o)