Outcomes and attachments and all sorts of fun stuff

Nobody Can Predict The Outcome

Me likey 🙂 I’ve seen several of my icons today and could not think of
any Memo-ish connection. I finally just decided to post one and see
what I can come up with as I type.

I’ve just emerged from the shower after de-cluttering the laundry room
and a bit of the guest room closet and my own closet today. On the road
to simplicity and non-clutter, I have far to go, but when I look at the
tower of empty Rubbermaid bins stacked on the shelf in the laundry room,
I know I’ve already traveled a great distance. Nice yardstick, that
stack of bins is.

So, while I was in the shower, I listened to NPR for a bit and there was
this author talking about how he published his first book at age 50 –
and before that, he’d worked in a paper mill all his life. Wow. Holy
late-in-life-transformation, Batman.

Back to the Memo pictured above: "Nobody can predict the outcome.
Therefore, don’t let anyone sidetrack you or talk you out of your
goals." Deepak Chopra and davidji talk all the time about not being
attached to outcomes. Just act with intent and let go. So maybe I
should just do what I want to do and … well, not be attached to the
outcome. Groovy. Alrighty, then.