Third-Party Memo?

Can it be that I’ve received a Memo for someone else?

I reset my iPod Touch several weeks ago and consequently, there was nothing in iTunes. I’d been using an app for my morning meditations but on Tuesday, I decided that I needed some guidance to help tame the monkey brain. So, I downloaded the 10 Minute Meditation with davidji from the Chopra Center podcast on iTunes.

On Wednesday, I downloaded his stress relief meditation.

Thursday, I picked up the iPod and found that a third meditation had downloaded itself. I didn’t do it! Of course it is possible that I had fat-fingered something while downloading the others, but I sort of dout that. wouldn’t it have downloaded right away, instead of waiting a day?

So then I thought, well maybe the podcast thinks I want one per day. Maybe there will be yet another new download on Friday???

It’s Friday. No new download.

I listened to it this morning and caught on pretty quickly that I have one particular friend who really needs to hear it. So, friend – go listen to davidji’s Live In The Now Meditation podcast on iTunes!