Hand me that piano!

I giggle when I think of this line from a very old George Carlin
routine. It was about words that never get used together, like "please
saw my legs off" or "hand me that piano". It was about absurdity, a
notion to which many George Carlin routines were wholly dedicated. In
this case, I have an absurdity in contrasts that would indicate a
decision is required of me regarding clutter, regarding things from my
past that are being kept hanging around out of habit or the comfort of
sameness or… I don’t really know why, but it seems that it’s important
to find out and then take action.

I was coming back from a haircut appointment the other day. While
rounding the corner making a right from Alico Road onto Highway 41 (lawd
I was born a ramblin’ man….), I spotted a hand-written sign that
simply said, "Piano lessons" and gave a phone number.

Closer to home, I spotted THIS hand-written sign, and it was fortunate
that I had to stop for the light, else I would not have had the
opportunity to snap the picture.

We Move Pianos

I find it odd that I was just talking to my house guests last weekend
about getting rid of the piano and re-arranging the furniture in the
living room to include a chair that matches the damnsofa. Yeah, THAT
damnsofa. The one that took me four years to decide to buy, because it
cost a LOT of money. The one I stalked both online and in print in the
Crate and Barrel catalog. The one I finally bought because my friends
became exasperated with me for hemming and hawing over it for four years
and one of them exclaimed, "oh just buy the damnsofa already!".

I have been contemplating releasing the piano into the wild for a couple
of years. I do not play well, but I used to play a couple of times a
week, just for my own pleasure. When I had the piano in storage for a
couple of years, I missed it and talked frequently about the day I would
be able to liberate it from exile and play it once more. I paid to move
it from Long Island to Florida! And now, I never touch it except to
remove dust from the things that have collected upon it.

The stark contrast between the two signs is not lost upon me – the
Universe advises me to either learn to play it or else move on. It
takes up a lot of room. It has nothing to do with who I am NOW, and
probably less than nothing to do with who I am becoming.

I should probably just give it away.