Time to rest, time to act

Just a bit ago, I posted to friends in my meditation group that I had
managed to reach a state of "Budda Burnout" by exposing myself to too
much spiritual food, too fast. So for the last two mornings, I did not
"Rise, Pee, Meditate" – I just could not muster the enthusiasm for
anything beyond "Rise" and "Pee".

I thought about the Chopra Center dude, davidji, saying that he’d not
missed a morning meditation in years, and felt guilty. And along comes
my friend Paulo Coelho to set me straight –

I guess I have these overachiever tendencies… also, I should not be
such a glutton. The body can only process so much food at once, so much
drink, so much work, so much exercise, so much study – and, I guess, so
much enlightenment. When it’s balance that you’re seeking, tipping the
scales isn’t the best idea!