A multiple memo Monday

I didn’t sleep well (again) and despite the extra hour from "fall back",
I arose late. Was almost tempted to skip the "M" part of "RPM" ( rise,
pee, meditate) but there’s been enough of that lately. Not too much,
but enough. So I put the coffee on and settled down with my iPod Touch
to listen to the Spring 2011 21-Day Meditation Challenge, Day 6. The
subject was FLOW.

Now, the interesting thing is that yesterday I wrote up and shared some
notes I’d made while watching the film "HAPPY". The subject of FLOW
figured prominently. FLOW is when you challenge yourself doing
something you love and you get into the zone, such that time and space
are transcended as you are totally absorbed in the task. This morning’s
meditation alters that slightly to describe it as give and take with the
Universe, like breathing. I give carbon dioxide and I take oxygen. And
davidji reminded that Monday is the Law of Giving and Receiving. I
happened to be tuning in on a Monday, so I guess I’m supposed to pay
certain attention to FLOW today, balancing it so not as to give nor
receive too much.


Good Morning Sunshine

Finally, I arose from my meditation and prepared my coffee. Sat down at
the computer. Released a blog post to LinkedIn – first time I ever did
that – and flipped over to Facebook. Very first thing I see is a
message from a dear friend who is celebrating her wedding anniversary at
Walt Disney World. She’s got my keyword front and center, and we’re
apparently having coffee together this morning 🙂 Thanks, friend!