Hard Rock With The Nieces

I have had to lay my beloved Nokia N97 to rest. It was a great mobile
blogging companion, and I shall miss it, but it just had issues greater
than could be surmounted. When I cleaned it out, I found this in the
drafts folder.

Over this past summer, I made the annual birthday sojourn to the Loverly
Isle of Long, where my mother was celebrating her 75th. A few days
prior to the party, I had gone with my nieces to the city to see the
Harry Potter exhibition in Times Square. You can read all about that
by clicking here. After the exhibition, I herded them over to the Hard Rock Cafe, where we descended to the restaurant
and had a late lunch. As we came back up the stairs, I saw this GIANT
representation of my keyword/icon – I hadn’t seen it on the way in
because it’s over the door, inside the building and I’m not in the habit
of looking behind me while walking into a restaurant.

It made me think how blessed I am to have remained a quitter after all
this time. In February, it will be four years since I smoked a
cigarette. I am now 51 years old and RUNNING, for cryin’ out loud. Do
you know how many years I tried to quit and failed, how it freakin’
OWNED me? I am free, free, free! How’s that for gratitude? 🙂