Make a joyful noise

My friend Joy is performing in a Long Island production of "The Sound Of
Music". All through my singing years, there were a few roles that I
could not wait to be old enough for, because of the songs I’d get to
sing. One of them is Cousin Nettie in "Carousel", because I can knock
people over with "You’ll Never Walk Alone". It’s just in the exact
right key for me to do so. The other role is that of the Mother Abbess
in "The Sound Of Music"; the song, of course, is "Climb Every Mountain".

When Joy let it be known that she’d be playing Mother Abbess, I got a
pang. I waited and waited all those year, and now it just doesn’t seem
relevant any more. Then, why the pang?

Joy (far right) posted photos of opening weekend this morning. I would
give a photo credit, but I do not know who took them.

Check out the stained glass window –

The hills, apparently, are alive…. 😉