Charming gardeners

I’ve been using Thankful For at least for a year now, but it only just occurred to me to see if "there’s an app for that". This is the splash screen I got the first time I opened the app.

I would love to be able to see the charming gardener in each and every person I encounter. Even the ones that piss me off, for if I could see the charming gardener, I would probably never get to pissed off.

Can you imagine someone cutting you off on traffic, but you just smile serenely and think, "Why, what a charming gardener!"

Yeah, me neither. I guess that’s why ol’ Marcel comments only upon those who make us happy.

I don’t know anything about how to do this, transform a person who is pissing me off into a person who makes me happy, or at least abandon my own negative perceptions long enough to successfully excavate and uncover the charming gardener.

Anyone? Buehler?