My Invisible Friend

"A friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in

I’ve only got two friends on Mindbloom. I’m not sure why Mindbloom
awarded me a trophy for having more than that, but I can assure you that
I’ve only got two, and that’s the most I have ever had there.

I wonder if there are invisible friends, unseen in the shadows. Maybe
every time something miraculously unexpected happens, that’s our
invisible friends at work. And not only that, but maybe they are the
ones who pull our butts out of the quagmire when we’ve rendered
ourselves invisible by ceasing to believe.

Tinker Bell almost died because she thought no one believed. Just
sayin’… in which case, one really does need to be one’s own invisible
friend, and be the strongest believer in one’s self.

If you count ME, then there ARE three trees in my forest.

Ah…. !!!

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