The beauty of what you love

In the China pavilion at Disney’s EPCOT, there is a semi-open air space between buildings in which merchandise is hawked. These banners are available there, and as you can see, bear the mark of my keyword. I decided to snap some photos of the ones that “spoke” to me for later rumination.

I noticed that Rumi says it’s the BEAUTY of what you love – not what you love itself – that should be what you do. I am not sure I understand this, as the BEAUTY of it is frequently intangible, an ideal, whereas DOING involves action. The BEAUTY of what we love often lies in how it makes us feel. In the case of producing art, it is also about how it makes others feel, what the product of all that DOING evokes not only in ourselves as the creators but in the spectators, observers, WITNESSES as they experience our creations.

I am guessing that this is something I already knew, just phrased differently. it’s about the response evoked, in ourselves and in others. If it makes me happy and if it makes others happy, then it’s the right thing to DO.

OK. Got it.