It’s raining in your mind

It would seem that Mark Twain knew what the Om Tara is for. She’s the
goddess who alleviates our emotional suffering and worry. Nope, she
doesn’t remove the condition that is the "cause" of the suffering. She
only addresses the suffering itself. She helps us to understand that we
are choosing to react, and we can react in a way that makes us feel
bad… or not.

Mr. Twain acknowledges that bad shit can actually happen, but that’s
only the half of it. The other half is in how we react to it, how we
CHOOSE to react. That half is not actual, unless we say it is. And
once you understand how it works… why would you say it is? Why choose
to make it actual? It’s only gonna hurt.

Patient: "Hey it hurts when I poke my finger in my eye."

Doctor: "Well, duh – then don’t poke your finger in your eye!"