Can’t make this stuff up

Today’s activity is known as “Respecting My Finances”, such as they are – going through and actioning the pile of stuff that needs financial attention. There are bills to pay, and there are pleas for donations. In the middle of the pile, I found a letter from U.S. Airways, stating that my miles were about to expire, and did I want a magazine subscription as a reward? Well, no, I do not want Yet Another Magazine that stagnates in a pile, cluttering up this house that I’m trying to keep decluttered, but I’ll look up the website and see what the other options are.

Look what I found:

Miles, part 1

Oh, looky – we can donate the miles. OK, that’s better than Yet Another Thing in my house full of Things that I’ve been trying to purge.

Let’s click, and see what the options are…

Miles, part 2

Oh looky – a sea shell! Why, didn’t I write on my other blog just yesterday about wanting to give away those Things cluttering up my kitchen cabinet space, known as sea shells?

A random act of shelling at Bunche Beach | My Mobile Adventures *~*~*

Synchronicity, right within my own little circle of blogs – I think I’m in the right place 🙂 I chose to donate my miles to Keep America Beautiful.