Oh, stop now!

Yeah, I realize I already had a Memo today, but this was too good – AND
it made me LOL and exclaim to the computer screen, "Oh, stop now!".

Earlier today, I was cooking while listening to archived recordings of
davidji’s radio show on Hay House Radio. One of the shows I listened to
was, "We Need To Let Love Into Our Hearts". It’s all about how one
heart-breaking incident can cause us to form barriers to love.

I use an app called Mindbloom to help me to establish new habits. It is
basically a way to set up "My Perfect Life" and then keep track of how
well you are living up to it. I have used it for a while to help me
establish and maintain habits like daily meditation, consistent
exercise, routine contact with family, and stuff like that. Every once
in a blue moon, the app will, upon login, present one with a suggested
Action to adopt. I haven’t had one in a very long time, but today,
after having heard the radio show about letting love in, I am advised by
Mindbloom to "be open to romance".

And I want you to notice that the couple in the picture has a DOG… !!!

Fine. Bring it. It’s going to be either a boyfriend, or else a dog.
Possibly a boyfriend WITH a dog. I’ll miss the awesome parking mojo (my
compensation for unluckiness in love), but maybe in addition to romance,
I will also suddenly be lucky at cards too? One can always hope! ;o)