Beginning again. And again. And yet again!

IMG_5945The day after I wrote that last post about starting over, a Wednesday, I went to yoga and the instructor announced that the theme was “Begin again”.

On the way home from yoga, I saw a swallow-tailed kite.

That evening, I wrote in my Gratitude journal, where the quotation for the day went like this:

It is no disgrace to start all over. It is usually an opportunity.” – George Matthew Adams

I drove up to Disney on Thursday to spend Earth Day there, and to see some of the Flower and Garden Festival.  As usual, I spent a fair amount of time in the butterfly tent.

IMG_5946The day after Earth Day, while still at Disney, my Gratitude journal treated me to this quote:

There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” – Buckminster Fuller

Butterflies are significant to me; I donate to their conservation, I participate in wildlife surveys dedicated to the counting of them, and I traded in my “Nemo” license plate for one with a butterfly on it. I have a tentative plan to create a caterpillar-to-chrysalis-to-butterfly sanctuary on my patio (if I can ever scrape together the funding!). When butterflies present as a Memo, I should probably pay attention. Also, they get to “begin again” too, through the magic of transformation from one creature into another. I think metamorphosis counts as “begin again”, don’t you?

While driving home from Disney, Siri told me that because of “delays ahead”, I could save 17 minutes by ditching I-4/I-75 and cutting down the middle of the state. Passing through all the little “old Florida” towns, I saw signs for the Sunshine Motel and New Beginnings high school across the road from one another. I’ve since discovered that the motel is closed, but the high school is open.

Finally, after driving three hours (instead of three hours and 17 minutes – LOL!), maybe 2 or three miles from home, I saw a hawk on a wire – in EXACTLY the same spot where I spun out a few years back, and maybe even the same hawk (my stHAWKer!).

So… what do we have here?

Many of these Memos are repeats from the past, the butterflies being a new addition. Therefore, I have the impression that this is not so much a “new” beginning, but more of a do-over or a transformation.  And my keyword, which hasn’t made an appearance in quite some time, appears twice in this sequence, intermingled with the birds of prey and the butterflies.

The motel is closed, though. Might mean leaving something behind and concentrating on basics, which will lead to a transformation, a new beginning.  The hawk in the same spot as a scary driving experience… I hope that doesn’t mean “begin again from October 2013”.

What was I doing in October 2013? I can use an app on my phone called Momento to find out. It sucks in all your social media feeds and presents them to you in calendar/journal form. I’ll get back to you on this….