The more things change

It’s late 2021 and so much about the world and how we relate to everyone and everything has changed. But one thing has remained steadfast – the memos are always around me. I may have become somewhat apathetic about them. It’s because they seem to lead nowhere. Patterns are undeniable. Ears to hear, eyes to see and all that. But they seem aimless, lacking in ambition and focus.

Been having a bout with “flow” again. For the last several days, “flow” has become as ubiquitous a word before my eyes as “umami” has been on cooking shows, blogs, and newspaper columns dedicated to food. What caught my attention in particular is the part about flow being a process, not a destination. It’s all ABOUT the process, being fully present in it, and who cares where it leads? Apparently, the act of arrival teaches nothing. This moment (and this one… and this one!) are all that is.