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How To Make Money Without A Job – Forbes

How To Make Money Without A Job – Forbes.

This article showed up in my Facebook news feed.  I knew I’d read it before when I got to the part about the painter’s “traffic pattern” observations.  I looked at the by-line and found that the article dates from 2011.

I have been reading Forbes for a long time. Yes, of course I’ve read this article before, probably back in 2011 when it was first published.

Why, then, is it in my news feed in 2013?

I think I am being nudged in an entrepreneurial direction…


“Memos” inside out

Heh, Paulo comes through for the Monday Morning Memo. He calls them "omens", which is very nearly "memos" only inside out (and with an n – ok, let’s not get technical, they look and sound similar and they are right next to each other in the alphabet. It’s the language barrier, I tell you. He meant "memos". LOL 😉 ). The point is, keep a lookout. They are EVERYWHERE. If you see it and it provokes ponderance, then it’s a Memo. Now, go forth and be mindful 🙂