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Oh, stop now!

Yeah, I realize I already had a Memo today, but this was too good – AND
it made me LOL and exclaim to the computer screen, "Oh, stop now!".

Earlier today, I was cooking while listening to archived recordings of
davidji’s radio show on Hay House Radio. One of the shows I listened to
was, "We Need To Let Love Into Our Hearts". It’s all about how one
heart-breaking incident can cause us to form barriers to love.

I use an app called Mindbloom to help me to establish new habits. It is
basically a way to set up "My Perfect Life" and then keep track of how
well you are living up to it. I have used it for a while to help me
establish and maintain habits like daily meditation, consistent
exercise, routine contact with family, and stuff like that. Every once
in a blue moon, the app will, upon login, present one with a suggested
Action to adopt. I haven’t had one in a very long time, but today,
after having heard the radio show about letting love in, I am advised by
Mindbloom to "be open to romance".

And I want you to notice that the couple in the picture has a DOG… !!!

Fine. Bring it. It’s going to be either a boyfriend, or else a dog.
Possibly a boyfriend WITH a dog. I’ll miss the awesome parking mojo (my
compensation for unluckiness in love), but maybe in addition to romance,
I will also suddenly be lucky at cards too? One can always hope! ;o)

Define “astray”, please

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really
love. It will not lead you astray. – Rumi

This sentiment has popped up frequently over the last several years. Do
what you love, love what you do. What’s your dharma, your purpose for
being here? What is your true calling? Find your passion!

My problem has been that I am serially drawn to a variety of true
loves. Or… is it REALLY a problem? Conventionally speaking, I guess
so. But I’ve not been living conventionally. I’ve been answering the
"strange pull", and it leads in multiple directions. I am wondering if
this REALLY constitutes "astray".

By the way, I took that picture. I kind of adore my new camera – one of
my serial loves 😀

Til I hear… someday!

Might be Nahtamemo but SO weird – two mentions of Marshall Crenshaw today,
out of the blue.

One: I receive periodic emails from Spotify that tell me when new music I
might be interested in becomes available. Today’s email announced that an
EP by the Gin Blossoms was available. While reading their biography, I
noted that their hit "Til I Hear It From You" was co-written with them by
Marshall Crenshaw.

Two: I went to Bed Bath and Beyond to try and find a rack for my roasting
pan, and a familiar song was piped in – "Someday, Someway" by Marshall
Crenshaw. Now there aren’t too many people who even know who Marshall
Crenshaw is – he pretty much had the one hit. I remember hearing on Long
Island’s AOR radio station how he was always playing venues there when I
was young, but he was not super famous. It’s odd to have two references to
him in the same day. Wouldn’t think twice about the Beatles, but Marshall
Crenshaw ? Really.

Gin Blossoms makes me think of the 90s and the damp, cricket-ridden little
cottage I lived in at the time. Landlord’s son and I hung out and crushed
on each other, but it never went anywhere. Lots of music, meals,
motorcycles, good times… not so much as a kiss. It’s funny how the "bad"
boys can turn out to be the greatest gentlemen. He had a garage band that
played a different Gin blossoms tune, "Hey, Jealousy". That’s why they
remind me of him.

As for Marshall Crenshaw, I just like the song. It’s hopelessly peppy for a
tune that is basically bewailing the fact that "I love you but I don’t get

I got nuttin’ here. Maybe it’s not my Memo? Anyone reading here, go google
those lyrics and see if I’m just the delivery woman this time.

Who am I? Continued…

The "who am I?" theme pops up in the news feed once more, delivered yet again by Disney. This time, it’s Roy who says, "It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are."

Last post, I opined that our behavioral decisions might have something to do with the answer to the "who am I?" question. Uncle Roy seems to believe that’s true, and adds that those decisions are based upon our values.

I am reminded of, "First, harm none.", and also of The Four Agreements of don Miguel Ruiz, which davidji spent the month of February teaching. Collectively, these seem a reasonable place to start when determining values.

I probably have some reading to do!

The “Who Am I?” Guarantee (but the Ginsu knives are yours to keep, absolutely free…)

Here’s a scene from Disney’s "The Princess And The Frog" that just
popped up in my news feed. "When you find out who you are, you’ll find
out what you need. Blue skies and sunshine, guaranteed."

I have been making my way through recordings of one of the early 21 Day
Challenges, keeping the daily meditation habit alive, and today’s was
the dreaded "Who Am I?". As it turns out, the "who am I?" litany is not
valid. We aren’t supposed to define ourselves by the roles we fulfill
in daily life. No one is actually a CEO or a clock maker or a wife or a
student. Those are just the tings we do. We are not defined by our
roles. I remember way back when I was over-identified with a particular
role, and then when I didn’t have that, I thought I was nobody. That was
ugly. Certainly not going THERE again. This is why it was relatively
easy for me to lose my job – my identity was not all wrapped up in being
Madam Vice President. It was fun, and the pay was good, but it wasn’t
Who I Am.

So… what DOES define us? If I am not what I do, then who am I?
*stifles urge to shout, "I’M JEAN VALJEAN!"*

I have the feeling that it has something to do with our behavior.
Behavior is the outward manifestation of our inner life, what we’re
thinking, what we’re feeling. Are we mean, or are we kind? Do we blow
stop signs in the parking lot, or are we law-abiding citizens? Are we
running around all concerned about how to get ALL the toys, or do we
think that we have enough, and that if we have something, that means we
have something to give? Do we rush to judgment on everyone and
everything, or do we practice observing, being the silent witness? Ok
you got me – that judgment thing is hard for me, because I’m such a
freakin’ rocket scientist when it comes to behavior. I’m working on it.

Who am I? I guess I’m a work in progress, like everyone else.