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Memos captured with mobile phone

Go outside, already

I’ve been sick, and honestly that makes me a bit depressed. Plus the meds
just kick my ass. Here I am being given a memo by a local organic farm,
extolling the virtues of Vitamin D. And they’re not telling us to take a
pill, either. They’re clearly demonstrating sun worship.

I made myself go outside a couple of days last week, but apparently I need
to do more. I just wish my ass wasn’t so very kicked.

And I say, “It’s alright!”

If it wasn’t quite so PINK (a color I abhor on me), I’d buy this t-shirt.
This is the song on my iPhone sleep/radio alarm application. It
provides for a nice, gentle "wake up".
It’s my favorite song off the Abbey Road album.
Abbey Road is my favorite Beatles album; Sgt. Pepper is a close second.
I *do* feel as though the ice is slowly melting, and that I am emerging
into yet another spring from the infinite supply of springs in the
arsenal of the Universe.
Sun, sun, sun, here it comes 🙂

I did the right thing

I had to make a quick financial decision. I’ve been tending to want to
cut ties with the past, so I logged on and took the action that would
further that goal. However, I found there was another action I could
take, should I wish to, and did not know what to do. I made a different
decision about that action, and I let it ride.

When I logged out, I was presented with a sea shell – this is the inside
of a chambered nautilus. Although I am an avid collector of sea shells,
I do not own a chambered nautilus. Never the less, I recognize a memo
when I see one.

There’s a poem by Oliver Wendel Holmes that concludes with, "/Leaving
thine outgrown shell by life’s unresting sea!". /Thus, I receive the
message that not only is this transaction the right thing to do, but
seeking a new home is, too. Thanks, Universe!