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Multiple Memo Monday TAKE 2

Memo-11-14-2011What is it with Mondays? Mine was pretty interesting. This was the second time that I tried to run at Centennial Park and encountered obstacles on the road. Last time was a parade; this time apparently there was some sort of boat show at the convention center or maybe a regatta or whatever. In any event, I could not park so I left.

I wandered in the general direction of McGregor but never found it. I think I fouled up at the part where you briefly get on and off Highway 41 (lawd I was born a ramblin’ man….). In any event, the first street I came to that I recognized was Metro Parkway, which took me down to Colonial and since I was going to pass the Calusa Nature Center, I figured I might as well challenge myself and run there. Rough terrain to begin with due to cypress knees, but I what I didn’t know was that the lower elevations by the golf course would still be ankle-deep in summer rains! It is, after all, a cypress swamp. I’ve just never been there when the trail was THAT wet.

Having recently completed the Freshwater Wetlands module of the Florida Master Naturalist Program, I boldly completed my mission, mud and squishy running shoes be damned. Intrepid, I was! Upon my return home, the shoes went directly into the washing machine and my feet and legs were scrubbed of the muddy cypress needles sticking to them.

I’m not sure what was going on with the run today. I definitely have the impression that the Universe hasn’t wanted me running in Centennial Park. I don’t think the message about the Nature Center was the same, though. I think I was supposed to learn something about the trail. It did surprise me that it’s still under water down that way, given that it stopped raining several weeks ago and it’s the ides of November, for cryin’ out loud. I have been thinking about volunteering there but haven’t acted on it. Maybe it’s time. Maybe I will be a trail guide there (and get them to let me straighten out their web site – it’s dreadful).

Anyhow, home I came and settled in to catch up with email and etc. Found this TED talk in my news feed, all about the amazing instrumentation we have these days that can really record human development at the minutest level of detail. I noticed that the scientist unabashedly attributed the intricacies of said development to divinity, to God by name, even. And he called it a baby. From the first division, he said “baby” and I was aghast. He’s a scientist! He’s supposed to say “zygote” or something like that and he’s not supposed to mention God!

I don’t know what happened, but I gently became aware that this wasn’t really me. I always KNEW it wasn’t Really Me, but that’s not the same as having it in the forefront of conscious awareness. REALLY Me believes it’s a baby. Really Me also believes in a woman’s choice to carry to term or not. But there’s not question in my mind that from the moment of conception, that there’s a baby. It’s not a frog or an oak tree or a martian or a hunk of cheese. It’s a baby.

Memo-11-14-2011-2I was not too surprised to find this out about myself, for I noted the other day that my DNA had been cleansed of the banker’s spidey sense that knows when a bank holiday is coming. I guess it is being cleansed of other corporate-related nonsense too, one of those things being ridiculous political correctness and denial of the personal. These are attitudes that benefit no one but the corporation. I certainly FEEL as though I’ve spent 40 years in the dessert since departing from that life, so I guess the effects of prolonged separation are finally making themselves apparent.

A few hours later I received my second memo. There’s this online game called Mindbloom that I’ve been messing with. It’s basically a way of modeling the life that you want by symbolizing it as a tree with branches and leaves for the differently aspects of what you want to cultivate. Every time you take actions that support your goals, your tree gets the things it needs to grow. It’s cute, and there are little rewards and trophies along the way. It makes you think about what you are doing, and whether or not the things that you’re doing are getting you where you want to go. Essentially, Mindbloom teaches mindfulness. Anyhow, as I logged in this evening, the second memo struck. I was rewarded for energizing my tree with a virtual trophy. My keyword and the icon were present, along with this message: “Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us.” – Samuel Smiles

Yes, after 40 years in the dessert, the burden of being Not Really Me is fading behind me now. I’m not saying I am crystal clear on Really Me, never mind what Really Me does for a living, but at least I am freed of the shackles of Not Really Me, free to pursue the answer to the question “Who am I?”. I may never get a definitive answer, but the pursuit is one of my inalienable rights. And now that I don’t smoke any more, I can run so that makes pursuit a bit more do-able, doesn’t it? 🙂

PS – If anyone is reading this and you have signed up on Mindbloom, drop me a comment or something with your link and we’ll friend up!

A multiple memo Monday

I didn’t sleep well (again) and despite the extra hour from "fall back",
I arose late. Was almost tempted to skip the "M" part of "RPM" ( rise,
pee, meditate) but there’s been enough of that lately. Not too much,
but enough. So I put the coffee on and settled down with my iPod Touch
to listen to the Spring 2011 21-Day Meditation Challenge, Day 6. The
subject was FLOW.

Now, the interesting thing is that yesterday I wrote up and shared some
notes I’d made while watching the film "HAPPY". The subject of FLOW
figured prominently. FLOW is when you challenge yourself doing
something you love and you get into the zone, such that time and space
are transcended as you are totally absorbed in the task. This morning’s
meditation alters that slightly to describe it as give and take with the
Universe, like breathing. I give carbon dioxide and I take oxygen. And
davidji reminded that Monday is the Law of Giving and Receiving. I
happened to be tuning in on a Monday, so I guess I’m supposed to pay
certain attention to FLOW today, balancing it so not as to give nor
receive too much.


Good Morning Sunshine

Finally, I arose from my meditation and prepared my coffee. Sat down at
the computer. Released a blog post to LinkedIn – first time I ever did
that – and flipped over to Facebook. Very first thing I see is a
message from a dear friend who is celebrating her wedding anniversary at
Walt Disney World. She’s got my keyword front and center, and we’re
apparently having coffee together this morning 🙂 Thanks, friend!

Time to rest, time to act

Just a bit ago, I posted to friends in my meditation group that I had
managed to reach a state of "Budda Burnout" by exposing myself to too
much spiritual food, too fast. So for the last two mornings, I did not
"Rise, Pee, Meditate" – I just could not muster the enthusiasm for
anything beyond "Rise" and "Pee".

I thought about the Chopra Center dude, davidji, saying that he’d not
missed a morning meditation in years, and felt guilty. And along comes
my friend Paulo Coelho to set me straight –

I guess I have these overachiever tendencies… also, I should not be
such a glutton. The body can only process so much food at once, so much
drink, so much work, so much exercise, so much study – and, I guess, so
much enlightenment. When it’s balance that you’re seeking, tipping the
scales isn’t the best idea!

My Take: Science and spirituality should be friends – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs

My Take: Science and spirituality should be friends – CNN Belief Blog – Blogs.

OK, this just HAS to be a Memo. Earlier today I posted a video whereby I was in a book store and saw the “Science” section right opposite the “Bible” section. I thought that was sorta wry 😉 Now, you need to know that I’ve been meditating; the Chopra Center did a 21 Day Challenge to teach people how to meditate and I liked it and I’m continuing it on my own. So now, here’s an article from Deepak Chopra talking about science and spirituality being “friends” – the the farmers and the cowhands from OKLAHOMA!, I suppose. Yeah, a definite memo, but I’m not sure what it means…..