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A non-sunshine Memo

Getting ready for the NY invasion. I want Arcade Fire on my iPod for the trip. Amazon has The Suburbs album cheaper than iTunes but I had to download a new installer. You get a free song when you do that.

Here’s the album art for my free song -it gotz a seashell upon it, surely a sign from the Universe that I am headed in the right direction, since seashells are amongst my favorite things. Smiling 🙂

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Do not despair!

I used to take mass transit to work. Mass transit screws up frequently and you learn to stay calm about it, because stressing is not going to get you there on time. You’ll get there when you get there and not a minute before.

Tomorrow I go to NY for some family tome. i also hope to have an interview while I am up there. i will have to take mass transit, as in days of yore. I will not despair 🙂

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Yo ho, yo ho! A scholar’s life for me!

Was reading an article in Wired about stress. A link was provided to an external resource – I knew that the text for the link should have been the word "amygdala" but there was only an apostrophe to click. Strange, I thought but I clicked it anyway and came upon this cool wiki called Scholarpedia.

I love being a scholar. Too bad it doesn’t pay!

I just applied last week to go back to school and in fact went this morning to the lab to have the titre test for proof of immunzation so the will let me attend. And yes, it was the amygdala, something I learned the last time I went to school. So I am believing that this is definitely a Memo to let me know I am on the right track.

w00t !!! 🙂

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Memo-04-30-2010 OK, maybe not so hard

I went to Twitter to see if @MemosFromTheUni could subscribe to Abraham-Hicks, but could not find an Abraham-Hicks Twitter account. So I went to Abraham-Hicks website and found this rather in-your-face Daily Quotation about money and doing what you love to get some. OK, so even without my usual “prompt”, that’s not so hard to “get” 😉