Thoroughly prepared

Rainy days and sunshine

“Some people are making such thorough preparation for rainy days that they aren’t enjoying today’s sunshine.” – William Feather

Life’s a real balancing act, isn’t it?  Reminds me of that old Kenny Rogers song, about knowing when to walk away and when to run… how do we know when we have focused too much or not enough energy on preparations for the future?  How is that compatible with “be here, now”? Balance is just a tricky customer, I’ve determined. The fact is, we DON’T know, until CLICK to read more

The messenger

Red-shouldered hawk in a mahogany tree
Red-shouldered hawk in a mahogany tree

I have often seen a hawk overhead while driving down the main road in my new community – which, by the way, I am very much digging 🙂 .   I have seen the hawk crossing the road above me, zig-zagging from one tree on this side to the next tree on that side.  These are old-growth trees, oaks and mahoganies and others whose names I have not yet learned.  These are trees that tower, that spread their shade generously, and that provide abundant habitat for wildlife of all kinds.  I knew I’d been missing it, this life amongst old-growth trees, but I hadn’t known that I’d be this grateful to have it back, nor had I realized that gratitude can bring such joy. Life is good.

In the immediate vicinity of my home, it’s been red-bellied woodpeckers I hear and see the most, with an occasional visit from a CLICK to read more

How To Make Money Without A Job – Forbes

How To Make Money Without A Job – Forbes.

This article showed up in my Facebook news feed.  I knew I’d read it before when I got to the part about the painter’s “traffic pattern” observations.  I looked at the by-line and found that the article dates from 2011.

I have been reading Forbes for a long time. Yes, of course I’ve read this article before, probably back in 2011 when it was first published.

Why, then, is it in my news feed in 2013?

I think I am being nudged in an entrepreneurial direction…


A kite tale

Swallow-tailed kite Estero Marsh Preserve

Early in January, I met with a social acquaintance who is a realtor to talk about a relocation within my current county. There is one primary reason to do it in general, but lots of smaller reasons for moving to the particular area we targeted. We met at a Starbucks in the target area. I presented my simple “list of demands”, which she felt could be met in the current market, or at least the majority thereof.  We both knew that while it is still an awesome market for buyers, prices ARE rising, so if I was going to do it, best to CLICK to read more