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A Great Horned Memo? Or Just A Dream?

Just after midnight on December 11th, I heard an owl, hooting persistently right outside my back door. I know it was December 11th because I mentioned it online and just went to look it up in the place where I’d posted it. The incident made me uneasy – it was so loud and clear, like he wanted to come in, like he was sitting on the lanai (even though he could not possibly have been sitting there due to the doors and the screens). I googled to make sure it was indeed an owl’s hoot and found that it was a great horned owl. I googled to make sure that they are in residence down here in SW Florida, and they are. While I was doing all this googling, I found that great horned owls typically abide in forests, although they’ve been known to show up in unexpected places. We don’t have woods; we are a 5 years young community sprinkled with pre-pubescent wanna-trees. Also while googling, I came upon links that told of the great horned owl as a harbinger of death. This made me even more uneasy, as I’ve got a brother who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Forward to the evening of 12/26. I was spending Christmas on Da Loverly Isle of Long, and a blizzard struck. I took the opportunity to hunker down in my hotel and take a long winter’s nap. As I was waking up from that nap early the next morning, I heard my brother’s voice in my head saying very clearly, “I expect at least one day”. And so, despite the snow and the cold, I arose and showered and broke fast and hauled ass out to the parking lot in my snow boots (see previous post). I managed to get the car out of the snow with a lot of toggling back and forth and a little help from two nice guys who pushed. And I went to see my big brother.

The prompt emblazoned on my seldom-used Uggs confirmed that despite the blizzard and the aggravation of driving in its aftermath, I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. No matter the outcome of his experience with cancer, I will always be glad that I was able to fulfill the expectation of at least one day.