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When is a cigar just a cigar?

Red-shouldered hawk at Galt Preserve, Lee County, FL  April 2013
Red-shouldered hawk at Galt Preserve, Lee County, FL April 2013

A few days ago, I drove home from the grocery store in a torrential downpour typical of Southwest Florida during a rainy season afternoon.  The same conditions up north would strike fear and a strong hibernation instinct in most drivers; here, the development of white-knuckled nerves of steel is essential, else we’d be hibernating about six months out of the year.

As I approached a major intersection close to home, I saw a hawk sitting high upon a utility pole. He stood stark against the rumbling skies, seemingly impervious to the pelting rain.  Immediately after I saw the hawk, things happened fast; the light turned yellow, I applied the brake, and the car hydroplaned.  The light turned red, and the car slid perilously closer to the intersection, seeming to gain momentum rather than lose it.  I released the brake and turned the wheel. The car slid sideways. CLICK to read more…

Berry nice, but what does it mean?

Berry Nice
I was reading a travel forum and there it was, in someone’s profile. That’s my keyword, and that’s my DOB, and that’s where Disneyland Paris is located. I was there, once upon a time, for two very cold days back in February of 2003, over 10 years ago. You can read about it here, if you want to (warning, VERY long) –

DL Paris Getaway

And the avatar – looks like berries, doesn’t it? Haven’t a clue what they are. Would have a better shot at it if it was the whole plant.

No idea what this means. Maybe it’s Nahtamemo, but the inclusion of my birthday freaks me a little.